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    14, like 13 and 11 still has crash plugins, making inoperable progs


      I had almost continual crashes in plugins for 11 and 13, and 14 is behaving no differently, despite a reboot.


      My skype doesn't work, nor does Dragon Naturally speaking pro and at times any online games..


      In 13, on occasions worked for games, unitil I tried to load and use Skype or DNS, when the crashes started again and it some times took several rebbots before I could get games or videos, like utube, to work.


      This is a serious defect in Adobe.  I have been reporting this problem on and off for 18 months.  Why hasn't it been fixed?


      I have tried uninstalling the plugins (not the latest version) and reinstalling but save for a week or so in the last week or so of , I think, 12, before 13 was installed, when Skype and DNS worked (after uninstalling Adobe reader XI and reinstalling) when it worked, the crashes have continued unabated.