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    Slightly OT: I'm in desperate need of examples...

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      Hi there folks,

      Sometime ago a poster to this forum supplied the following link
      [ http://www.habitect.com/apartamento/ as an example of Shockwave 3D in
      relation to interior design.

      I was wondering if anybody else around these parts would/could be able to
      supply me with links to additional Shockwave 3D examples in a similar vein
      to the one above.

      Essentially I've been asked to put together a proposal to achieve something
      similar, but require somewhat more hardened evidence to demonstrate that it
      is indeed possible from a Director stance -- I've been an avid Lingo coder
      since Director 5.0, but have yet had the chance [or indeed opportunity] to
      put together anything utilising SW3D, so here's my chance!

      Many thanks in advance.

      Regards, Mark B ;-)