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    Print Booklet to PDF Problems and 2up layout for printing


      I have a problem when printing a booklet as a PDF in InDesign CC 64bit version. Everything else works great, but it changes some of the numbers of the golf holes. This is a PDF that I exported into InDesign to make this small booklet, because it is a 3.75x6.5 saddle stitch booklet that will flip up like a note pad. I did not add any text to the pages. When I send it straight to the printer don’t have that problem, but that doesn’t help me with my next question.


      The second problem I have we what to save paper and place 2 up on a sheet of 11x17. That is why I was making the PDF booklet to arrange the pages in the right order, than I was just going to import them into InDesign again to do the 2 page setup for printing. If there is an easier and faster way please tell me or point me in the right direction.