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    Selecting a mask

    lornaimw Level 1

      Hi guys


      Such a basic question but I can't seem to get out of it!


      A lot of the time when making masks either with the bezier check box, and shapes, ctrl shift N, or with the pen tool, I can then select these masks easily as a whole to move them around. They have their own wireframe etc.

      Recently a lot of them don't have this wire frame, in the comp view or the layer view, so once I've made them I can't move them at all! No matter what part I click or where I click off and click again, double clicking it just brings me to the layer view, where I still can't move the mask as a whole. I can select the bezier points, but not move them?


      This is super weird?! Has anyone else experienced this? It's possibly because of adding ease and wizz and this has now baked my mask? Very odd though!


      Thanks in advance all