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    Web Form Save Option and Email Options



      We are currently using a fillable PDF with FormsCentral for a rather long application form. We created this form prior to the addition of the option to save incomplete web forms in FormsCentral. One main issue with the fillable PDF is that, no matter how much we emphasize that it must be filled out in Adobe Reader, we still have applicants who cannot get the Submit button to work or email the completed form to us and we find it to be corrupted. As many applicants have no problem with the application, I am assuming these applicants were able to fill out the form in a browser or perhaps on a Mac using Preview, thus corrupting the form. To alleviate the user confusion, we are considering converting to a web form. The main concern I have with that option is that applicants only have 28 days to complete the form, and we would not have access to the incomplete data if the applicant was unable to retrieve it.


      Are there any plans to make the incomplete data accessible to us on the back end and extending the 28 day timeframe? The features of FormsCentral are really fabulous and incredibly useful. This is a pretty basic functionality that I have seen available in other web form systems, and I am surprised Adobe has not added it. It would certainly make a much more well-rounded tool for us to use.


      In addition, I would love to see more functionality in the email options. We have situations where we would like to generate a customized email using field values from the form embedded in the body or subject, and also without having to share the form in FormsCentral with the recipient.


      Thank you for a really great product, and I hope to see more features added in the future!