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    Auto Scaling when Printing

    RichinZ Level 1

      For some reason when I try and print a large banner from InDesign it auto scales the image up by exactly 1 inch proportionately. In other words, it makes my 36 inch wide document 37 inches exactly and adjusts the length accordingly. I've checked and double checked the print settings to make sure that it is not set to scale the document, but it keeps doing it.


      Does anyone have any experience with printing large documents that get auto scaled? I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling my printer, printing from a PDF, copy-pasting the artwork into a new Indesign document to no avail.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I don't recall seeing anything like this reported, and frankly, since it happens printing from both ID and Acrobat, it sounds like either  printer problem or the document isn't really 36 inches to begin with. Perhaps you used the Page tool to change the page size at some point?

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            RichinZ Level 1

            I found the problem. It was in the print options.


            Under setup > Paper Size


            This was set to Defined by Driver, but when I change it custom and enter in the paper size amounts (even though they're the same as what the driver was selecting) it doesn't scale it anymore.