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    printing - margins and bleed question


      Hi there,


      a) When I go File > Print in InDesign, it doesn't print what you see is what you get. For example, my margins are 0.1875", bleed is 0.125. It looks fine on screen but when I print it, text is cut off on right hand side of page and bottom of the page. Am I doing something wrong?


      b) When I export to PDF, are the margins supposed to print out properly of 0.1875"?


      c) Also for bleed to work, does it only work at the printing company where you special request it to bleed out? As it doesn't bleed out on a desktop printer.



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          John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Right...unless you have a printer with "borderless" capability, you can't print bleeds. (More accurately, to print bleeds, you'd have to print on a larger sheet and trim down.)


          I suspect your margin discrepancy is a similar issue. Typical desktop printers can only print so close to the edge of the paper, leaving clearances for grabbers, edge detection, etc.