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    Photoshop doesn't save channels sometimes. Is this a bug?

    Digital Halftones Level 1

      I'm just wondering if this is a bug or if anyone else has experienced this problem. For years throughout every version of Photoshop I have experienced a problem with Photoshop sometimes not saving channels. Now I do realize there is a check box in the save dialog box to save a PSD file without the channels, but if you click it you'll notice it requires you to save a copy (in other words you can't save over the original with channels). This is not the issue I'm experiencing. My issue is sometimes when saving a normal psd with a lot of channels it just doesn't save them even when the box is checked. All of the layers, paths, etc get saved but the channels do not. For example just a few days ago I saved a file with about 15 channels and then worked on it a little more today. I then saved it with ctrl+s and closed photoshop for lunch. When I came back from lunch and opened the file all of the channels were gone while all of my layers, etc were still there. This doesn't happen often but It's occurred a few times over the years costing me hours of work and I was just curious if it was a bug or if someone else has experienced it and might know what is causing it.


      I should make note this has happened on both mac and pc platforms and my fellow coworkers have had this happen to them as well. It usually happens on files that have about 10-20 channels in them or ones with long channel names. We originally thought it was just us not noticing the box wasn't checked, but after seeing today that you have to save a copy when the box isn't checked makes that impossible doesn't it?