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    Switching to Lightroom - Need Some Quick Tips

    mpal614000 Level 1

      Hi, I have been using Aperture for years and it looks like I will be using ACR or Lightroom because I'm having some issues that cannot seem to be resolved by Apple.


      I intend to get into in the manual and start the process asap, but I need two quick bits of information so I can keep my workflow going for now.


      1) I need to be able to sample a color and make adjustments to that color alone.  Similar to Hue/ Saturation in Photoshop where a narrow band can be isolated and saturation, luminance and hue can be adjusted etc. In Aperture it is the Color brick and I don't know where to find it in ACR or

      2) After using the brush tool, is there a way to blend or diffuse it?