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    Page Properties- Background Color Change

      Can anyone help me here? I know how basic the subject sounds but for some reason it does cause me trouble here today.

      We recently had a company design our site and now we are using contribute to edit pages etc. Now, we have admin access so that isnt an issue. But when we want to start a BRAND NEW PAGE outside of any templates, we cannot change the background color. It is greyed out when you go to Format- Page Properties- Appearance. Its frustrating. It should be as easy as changing it, but no can do. Any thoughts?
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          ThinkInk Level 2
          It's good then that you have adminstrator rights, because the solutiojn is in the role settings. You will have to edit the role settings to your needs.

          In the menu pick Edit, Administer websites, Choose your website.
          Choose Users and roles, Edit role settings
          Choose Styles and fonts
          I think you'll find all the options you need here, check the ones you want and of you go again!