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    I need a display suggestion.

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      I have been working on a calendar of events flex application as most
      anybody who monitors these flex lists probably has noticed. This is a
      reworking of an existing [D]HTML/CFML application. Part of the current
      display is that canceled events are displayed with a strike-through text

      I am trying to convey this same information in the flex version. I have
      tried using a strike-through decoration, but my attempts to use htmlText
      functionality in flex did not produce any results. I then tried to use
      the alpha property to fade the canceled events. After embedding a font
      so that the alpha effect would take effect, the results where less then
      desirable, it was just not clear enough.

      Any suggestions on a simple but effective way to display the canceled
      events? It should be noted that the events are color coded to indicate
      which of four areas to which they belong. This color coded information
      needs to be maintained for canceled events and I am reluctant to try and
      create four "canceled" colors. This is a quite a colorful, busy,
      information packed screen as it is.

      Is there an easy way I could apply an image/graphic/effect to create
      some kind of diagonal lines mask/background of the box containing the
      canceled drive information?