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    CONNECT TRAINING how many users in one license can enroll?

    Martin Montenegro Level 1

      Hi, I have a regular license of Adobe Connect Name Host 100 Participants, It's work excellent for meetings.


      I want to know if I buy one license of CONNECT TRAINING it's going to work in my current license of Adobe Connect , how many students can enroll my training content? need to buy more licenses? I want to use for on demand and live training.

      I not a big corporate company it's only myself, want to do something more professional with curriculum, enroll students.

      Another Question is about Adobe Presenter is this plug in for power point include in the Connect Training or have to buy apart?


      Another question how many disk space have in my meeting room, for recording and library?


      thanks for your help.

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)



          Purchasing Concurrent Learner licenses will add the Training module to your account, unless you are on a monthly account through adobe.com, where the training module is not available.


          The licensing for the Training module is for concurrent access to training content. 1 license means that one person can access training at any given time. You can enroll 15,000 people (random number, pick whatever value you want) in your training, but those individuals have limited access to the training based on the concurrent user load. If you want a plain English description of the licensing for Connect, you can find it here: Setting the Record Straight on Adobe Connect Licensing | RealEyes Media


          Presenter is a separate license and is not included with the Training module.


          Connect doesn't limit disk space. If on a hosted account, I believe there is 5 GB to start but more is added as needed. If on a licensed deployment, you are only limited to the amount of disk space allocated to your Connect server.