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    Best book for graphics design

    shalabilaaji Level 1

      Hi my name is Aby. I am from India. I am working as a graphics designer in a start up company. I have not done any course in designing. I learnt of my own by seeing youtube videos and examples. I really want to learn professional designing, for which i guess i need to do a course. So please suggest me where i can learn and excel in designing. Otherwise please suggest me any book in which i can learn best designing. Here is my behance portfolio : Aby Abraham on Behance

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          Herbert2001 Level 4

          Aby: not too shabby looking work for an auto-didact graphic designer. Looks pretty good.


          Lynda.com has professional videos about graphic design: typography, principles, etc. You may want to look into some of those - very professionally done tutorials by some of the best people in the business. Sign up for one month, and start watching and learning like crazy - very cost-effective.


          Also, check out theindesigner - nice podcasts about InDesign.

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            shalabilaaji Level 1

            thanks herbert for the review i know about lynda.com , but never looked into it completely. I will follow its tutorials.


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              Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

              Yes.  I'll go along with Lawrence.  You have a nice set of work on Behance.   What skills do you have so far Aby?  Do you have other Adobe applications?   You really need Illustrator, and probably Indesign, (again as suggested by Lawrence).  I am not sure about suggesting a book because graphic design is such a large subject, and goes way beyond just knowing how to use the applications.  In my experience, having the ideas is the most important starting point, as that will give you focus on what you need to learn.  It will also hard wire it into you, in a sort of use it or lose it way, because so much of what you learn in a linear fashion from a book, is going to be forgotten a week later if you've had no need to make use of it.


              Unfortunately, this means lots of frustration and pulling your hair out in the early days, but once you get into it, you will start taking it in really quickly.


              For Photoshop, I'd recommend all of the Steve Caplin books.   These are How to Cheat at Photoshop, 100% Photoshop, and Art & Design in Photoshop.  Steve also has a more recent book called '3D Photoshop', which I have not got round to buying yet, but  How to Cheat, and 100% are must have titles for a Photoshop illustrator.  




              What sets Steve apart from other Photoshop authors is that he is constantly employed by the world's media to create illustrations for newspapers and magazines.


              I'll also agree with Lawrence about Lynda.com.  Look for titles by Nigel French (I love his Photoshop for Designers - Type Essentials).  There are also some good titles on logo design.


              I don't feel qualified to recommend books on Illustrator and InDesign, but there are forums for those apps.


              Good luck and I hope you make it.

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                shalabilaaji Level 1

                Thank you Trevor for your advice .....I know lil bit of skills in designing but i thought i could learn rules and regulations used in designing. I went for an interview in a company where they asked me all theoretical questions, which i was unable to answer. So i thought to become a PRO, i need to learn from basic. You asked me for other adobe software which i know......I know Illustrator, Indesign, Premiere pro, Photoshop, Lightroom and lil bit of aftereffects .

                I will go through the books you mentioned. Thanks a lot Trevor

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                  Herbert2001 Level 4

                  When you start working professionally in any field, knowledge of the terminology and theoretical backgrounds involved are generally expected from you. You seem to have a good innate sense for design, and to communicate and discuss design with others you will need to learn how to communicate and verbalize your thoughts.


                  Just get some books on the theory of typography, some general graphic design theory and pre-press theory, and grids. Learn the terminology. Visit your local library - they should have some great books on design as well.


                  Some suggestions:

                  GD Theory Books on Pinterest

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                    shalabilaaji Level 1

                    Thank you Herbert for the compliment .....I love doing designing and will try my best to excel in this field

                    Thank you all....once again

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                      Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                      Just a tiny thing, but keep an eye on John Nack's blog.  He left Adobe and joined Google a few months back, but he is still passionate about graphic design and typography, and occasionally has some great stories on the subject.



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                        shalabilaaji Level 1

                        Sure Trevor, will keep updated....Thanks a lot