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    Why is my app rejected on App Store ?



      I'm brand new on those forums and i'd like you to help me.

      I have to precise that I'm French and I'm new in App Store Flash uploading.


      So, I have to explain you my problem.


      I want to upload a Full Flash AS3 app on the App Store.

      I tested it on iPad2, iPad3, iPad mini, iPhone4, iPod touch, iOS6 and 7.1.1.


      Everything worked correctly when I debuggued it, with the debug and the ad hoc mode.


      So I decided to upload it on the App Store.

      After some days of waiting and reviewing, my app was finally rejected.


      They told me after clicking on abutton, there is a white screen that gets displayed and they can't go above this page.

      I debuggued it once again, again and again, but nobody and no one could found an error on my as3 code.


      So I come here to find some help, anybody who gets the same error or everything else ...


      I link the app to you just here :




      If anybody could help me, I will be very very happy and you will get all my recognition.


      Thanks by advance for your help