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    Roboto type not ‘showing up’ after 9.2.2 upgrade any more

    Josh Li

      After the upgrade to 9.2.2 the ‘Roboto’ type is not working properly anymore. InDesign fires a dialog saying, that the font is missing, no matter whether I use FontExplorer, put it in InDesign’s font folder, the document’s /Fonts folder, or install it system wide.


      It does show up however in InDesign’s fonts list. Once you select it, it does show up as [Roboto] though (similar to missing fonts) and appears in the missing fonts dialog.


      I already have

      • emptied InDesign’s font cache

      • emptied the system’s font cache

      • reinstalled a new version of Roboto


      As a side note, the font shows up just fine in Illustrator.


      Adobe InDesign CC 9.2.2 on OS X 10.9.3


      added indesign and osx version (Josh Li)