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    Need Help Car racing Game

      Game Specification:
      Car Racing Game - using, up /down /right /left, arrows. Right and Left rotate the vehicle (make it realistic) up and down send the vehicle the way its facing. This game has its own place in a Game Website with already 45 other games.


      Im from A.C. Online and as it says in the specification we are an established website... nearly all of our games and mine are made in javascript applets and im not used to the flash actionScript.
      I have the basics like OnClipEvent (enterFrame) if (key.isDOwn(key.sfhfad)) { _x=56 ............
      and i can do rotating and ive got the hang of the user interface...

      but when i get my car to rotate (right lets say)... when i npress up to make it go that north-east way it moves across the usual y axis instead of moving forward the way im facing.

      as i said im new to flash though would like to get to grips with it...

      if you could be so kind to try and match my specification in ActionScript and post it here (start to end that is... call the instance car1 plz)

      dont worry i have all the instance pictures ready and hve imported them toi stage with layers.

      the provider of the script and any helping to make it work will be on the thanks to list and if you email me andreius_18@yahoo.co.uk
      ill try my best and get you a gold account at ac online
      and definitly will get you forum mod... this is how much it means to me... i really want to learn from the script... plz plz plz

      thx in advanced
      (A.C. Online Applet Game Developer)