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    Mac Configuration


      I am currently using a 2008 Mac Pro with Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC.   It's not a mystery that I sorely need to upgrade to a new computer.   Can you give me some advice on what to upgrade to?  A new Mac Pro?   A new I-MAC?   And… what would be your recommendations for technical specs?   I spoke to an Adobe representative at NAB this year about an I-MAC.  He said he thought an I-MAC would do the job just fine with the following specs:   (I am not a "computer wiz")


      3.5GHz Quad Core Intel

      Core i7, turbo boost up to 3.9GHz

      16gb 1600Mhz DDR3 SDRAM - 2X8GB

      512GB Flash Storage

      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M

      4GB GDDRS


      Bottom line… I want to have something that will work significantly better that the 2008 Mac Pro I am using now.   I can't make full use of the Mercury Playback in Premiere due to the old outdated video card I have.   I also, want to have a computer that will have the best longevity.  I have done well with the 2008 Mac Pro up until recently.  I'd like a similar longevity from my new computer… around 5 years.


      I do mostly documentary, corporate, marketing tv commercials.   I need a computer that will allow Premiere to work optimally.  I also need a computer that will allow me to use any After Effects template efficiently.   Its painful now. 


      Please help.   Advice would be greatly appreciated!




      Mike Jensen

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            I was just in a similar situation - I had a 2009 MacPro and I was patching together upgrades to keep it running.  I had upgraded it with a new video card (The GTX 680) more RAM (to 64GB) a new eSATA RAID (from OWC) and a 1TB SSD for the boot drive.  All of these things made it feel like a new computer, and you might want to price that out to see if it handles your situation.  However, I eventually did let it go and I bought a new iMac - it was the top end 27" with the upgraded video card.  I was torn between this and the new MacPro, but the massive price difference to get a new MacPro model that makes any sense to buy for editing purposes (namely, the 8-core with the dual D700s) just wasn't worth it.  And I know Adobe/Apple will get everything together to make the new MacPro work well with CC, but if you follow the boards here, you can see that a lot of people who have bought in to the new MacPros are very disappointed by the performance - and are unable to use the GPUs. 

            I have done some heavy editing, CPU/GPU intensive effects, After Effects rendering and Speedgrade work on the new iMac, and it has performed as well as (and better in lots of cases) than my old MacPro.  Never crashed, never left me hoping for better performance. 


            Be careful about your quick  purchase - I have heard rumors that Apple is coming out with new iMacs with slightly better performance in the next few weeks.  Check out the rumor sites. 

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              Thank you!  I'll do some further research.   I appreciate you giving me some thoughts to consider before I seriously consider buying a new Mac Pro.  

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                Yes new rev Imac's are releasing soon. Keep in mind that Adobe will perform better on the PC with Windows than Mac and OSX. Much of this is due to the hardware configuration options especially now with the limitations of the nMPro. The configuration options for the investment are better as well. Pro Res encoding is now an option on Windows with 3rd party software or plugins so OSX is no longer a req unless you want it.




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                  Thank you EC.  Appreciate your thoughts and advice!