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    Flash Questions

    Luhter Level 1
      Here is a short list :) :
      1. Can i load a hole html page into a movie clip ?
      2. Can i add somehow onPress to a textfield (created with createTextField)?
      3. Can i make a variable dinamic text , this means if it's 5 char.s to return its corect size,but same if it is 10 char.s .?
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          Rothrock Level 5
          1. If it is a "hole" what would that look like? :) If you mean "whole" as in complete, then the answer is no. Flash does support some html and css, but it is VERY limited. You can certainly make an entire page in Flash if you so desire…

          2. Perhaps, but generally that would be something to add to a movieclip. The hit areas on textfields are notoriously picky. So personally I would make a movieclip, create a textfield inside of that, and add event handlers for the movieclip. Of course the best way would be to try it yourself and see what you like.

          3. Maybe? I have no idea what you mean by to return its correct size. If you mean that the size of the dynamic textfield changes there are many ways to do this. Check out the textfield class in the help files, there you will find everything that can be done with a textfield. (That is if you are using Flash 8 or 7. Any other version and its going to take awhile.)