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    XML Slideshow a bit rough around the edges

      Hey there,

      I'm supposed to be wrapping up another xml slideshow and could use some help ironing out some of the problems.

      1. The transitions between sections is a bit harsh, I'd like to smooth it out some by fading from 1 color to the next or something.
      2. The captions don't sync up with the pictures the first time around until the pics are cached.
      3. When you click on the button of the section you are in, the slideshow stops.

      Just click on main.swf and you'll see what I'm working with. Thanks a lot. Here's a link to all the files.

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          dr_ross Level 1
          Few suggestions to sharpen it up, add a fade out to the last graphic shown, especially when changing catagories, and there wait for the first graphic to load before fading the last.

          With the colour tabs you could quickly have flash do the colour change for you by putting all the colours in one movieclip and having shape tweens between them which you can simply call when changing catagory i.e label frame redToGreen and have it simply shape tween red to green.

          You could also fade in the text as well if you used embeded fonts. Change the description copy font as well. Podium Sans perhaps.

          Other than that looks good, a little tweak of the style and i think you've got it, nice clean simple
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            wyclef Level 1
            These sound like great examples but I'm a bit of a noob with the AS so might need a little more help starting off.