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    can I use this

    smenegassi Level 1



      I want when I click on a button it hides itself.

      Can I use this :




      thanks again and forever !

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          joel_pau Level 5



          I translate code.

          sym.play(); ==> the current symbol is played.

          sym.deleteSymbol(); ==> the current symbol is deleted.

          As this means the current value, you’ve got your this. This is sym.

          The equivalent of this is sym.

          sym.$("this").hide(); ==> it means you want to hide a symbol.

          sym.getSymbolElement().hide(); Current symbol is hidden.

          You can use this when you browse an array, an object..., when you use $.each, $.ajax

          Now, events. Edge Animate provides you e.target.


          $(e.target).hide(); ==> current target is hidden.

          Now using the Edge this: sym.$(e.target).hide();

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            smenegassi Level 1

            Thank you !

            Very clear explanation.... light in the darkness !

            Thank you again and bonne soirée.