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    Why doesn't audio file play with interactive buttons?

    Kratos27 Level 1

      Hi. I'm trying to create a small project with Edge Animate that will be added into InDesign DPS for use on an iPad.


      I want to create an icon that whenever the user taps it, it cycles to the next icon. I also want there to be a synchronised short sound effect whenever the icon changes. First I've set up the icons in sequence so they cycle from the first to the last. Then I used insert trigger to stop the Timeline at the end of each icon. Then I have added an Action to each icon so that it will cycle/play to the next one when tapped. I have also added a short mp3 sound file at the start of each icon. However I only here the sound when the last icon is tapped and it transitions back to the first icon. Any ideas on how I can get the sound playing for each icon transition please?