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    InDesign-XML Exporting text that has been deleted




      After tagging my document in InDesign i deleted some text/pictures/tables. Now whenever i seem to export the same document to XML the old deleted text will export as well? Is there a way to stop this "ghost text" coming back in the export?



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          MW Design Level 5

          I haven't really looked into this as I am working on projects in other software.


          My assumption is that by just deleting the text in the ID document, ID is not removing the nodes in the imported XML and ID is simply reusing the imported XML to export with. Which is what facilitates round-tripping content.


          You might experiment on a copy of the publication--and likely backup the document and source files, too. With the copy open, try deleting the node as well.


          That said, I typically use XSLTs to alter nodes/information in the XML either pre-import, post-import, or both. Sometimes I'll simply write some javascript to run in my programming text editor and do it there. Which ever is easiest for the task at hand.



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            ChristianAsprenoGLOBE Level 1

            Thanks mike,


            I think you might have misunderstood me tho. Im not importing any XML. I am simply adding tags to text in my document, so i can export it to an XML. But he problem is that after i tagged everything, stuff needed to be removed and now even tho the text has been removed, it is still being exported?


            Sorry if i did not make sense the first time, hope its clearer now.



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              MW Design Level 5

              Yep--I read your first post too quickly.Sorry about that. Does the tagged structure show up in the structure pane? It should.


              I cannot replicate the problem. Anything I delete in my tagged files do not get exported into the resulting XML whether it is recycling imported XML or creating it from scratch in ID.


              Can you upload a sample to dropbox.com or another large document sharing site (that does not require membership) and provide a download link? If it is sensitive stuff, feel free to click on my name and email or private message me the download link. I would be happy to take a look.


              Oh. You also don't indicate which ID version you are using. Which could be an issue as regards me looking at the file. I stopped upgrading with CS6. I do not think XML or data merging has changed since, well, before CS6, so functionally it shouldn't matter. But if you are using CC, you would need to save out as an IDML for CS6 in order for me to look at it.