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    cfgrid insert

    LisaN Level 1

      I am using CF9 and having the cfgrid to display all name from the table.  I want to be able to insert/update/delete name from the cfgrid but not sure how to do it. Can anyone please help? - Thanks





              title="Failure Reasons"

              width="500" rowheaderalign="left"    


              autowidth="false" griddataalign="left" gridlines="yes" colheaderalign="left"


              insert="yes" insertbutton="Insert New Failure Reason"

              delete="yes" deletebutton="Delete Selected row"

              enabled="yes" visible="yes"



            <cfgridcolumn name="failed_id" header="failed_id" display="no"/>

            <cfgridcolumn name="failed_reason"  width ="600" display="yes" header="Failure Reasons" />