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    How do I remove extra space after an image in an ePub created with InDesign?


      I've designed more than a dozen ebooks with InDesign and have recently been having problems with the spacing after images, both images that are anchored in the text or stand-alone and exported through the Articles Panel. Following are a few details:


      • In the Object Export Settings, I have the vertical spacing set to 0 both before and after the images and no breaks added.

      • In the Export panel, I do not have any vertical spacing applied to images.

      • I do not have any Object Style settings applied.

      • It doesn't seem to matter if I anchor the image into the text or have it as a stand-alone image in the Articles Panel with the caption after it in a separate text box, also in the Articles Panel.

      • I broke down the ePub into an html file and did not see any div or span classes that were different between images that are showing correctly vs. incorrectly.

      • Extra space appears in both iBooks on my computer, as well as on my iPad.

      • I converted to a mobi file for the Kindle and the space wasn't there.


      See attached screen shot. There shouldn't be that big gap between the image and the orange caption.



      Any help or suggestions anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I've tried everything I can think of with the same results over and over!