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    Download / Install problem.


      To start with When installing and running creative cloud. After signing in to my account, i never got the  EULA to appear.

      The program opened, but the home tab never shows anything but a  loading  icon (circle of dots rotating)

      I eventually get the apps tab to show the apps. I can even click to download.

      I'm having issues getting any program to download / install on creative cloud. I don't get any errors or any sort of pop up indicating a problem.

      What I am getting is  through the process to random points, the  "%"  turns to "extracting"  Then nothing more. It just hangs there forever, never doing anything else. on the right side where the  download progress bar is, it just says waiting. It does this for all programs i try.

      I'm in dire need of getting this problem resolved. I need the software for my classes. Which started today. Any help at all would be awesome. Thank you in advance.

      my system specs are:

      Windows 7 home premium 64-bit

      Pentium dual-core @ 3.33GHz

      4.09GB of memory

      Direct x 11

      Nividia GeForce GT 610

      3.79Gb VM

      Display 1680x 1050 32bit 60hz  % 2nd display 1280x1024 32bit 60hz