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    InDesign quits


      I'm using Adobe InDesign CC,but now it won't open.  I was in the middle of a project, and suddenly InDesign encountered an error and shut down.  I did not get an error #, and now my computer refuses to open the program.  I'm subscribed to the Creative Cloud for small businesses, and every other program works fine.  But I use InDesign CC the most and need it to work immediately.  What do I do to get it up and running again?

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          hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hello Paul,


          first please have a look there: Crash when you start InDesign or select the Type tool


          and then:

          1. Maybe you have to activate/deactivate, so please have a look there:
          2, Sometimes, we know in the meantime, the "opm.db file" is the culprit. In this case you should delete it.
          3. Did you already try "uninstalling and re-installing"?
          Be careful with (de)installing aso. by (de)installing by your own resources. As much as I regret it and as strange as it may seem I fear it's a challenge for Adobe's Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool.
          Sometimes - for whatever reasons - CC doesn't "want" to work. In this case you should CC completely delete and reinstall by help of Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool. (A try to uninstall by own resources is not enough!)
          I quote: Adobe Creative Suite Cleaner Tool helps resolve installation problems for Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Creative Suite (CS3-CS6) applications. The tool removes installation records for prerelease installations of Creative Cloud or Creative Suite applications. It does not affect existing installations of previous versions of Creative Cloud or Creative Suite applications.
          Please use: http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/cs5-cleaner-tool-installation-problems.html   and follow the prescribed sequence of operations
          4.If necessary and for further questions click through http://helpx.adobe.com/contact.html or http://helpx.adobe.com/de/contact.html and if "open" please use chat, I had the best experiences.


          Good luck!

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            Leal Level 1

            I am having a similar issue with InDesign CC 64bit option only. Can you check to see if the 64bit version on your end is the one crashing as well? The 32bit version of InDesign CC works fine. I have uninstalled InDesign CC 3 times and still have the same issue. I have also signed out from Adobe CC Desktop restarted the computer and still no luck. I have also deleted the "omp.db file" with no luck either. I got all these solutions from Adobe Representatives since I called them directly. The chat option was not helpful at all. I would hate to have to uninstall all the CC programs just to fix this one issue.

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              paulprice09 Level 1

              It's a pain in the butt.  I had to uninstall my version of Adobe InDesign CC and then reinstall it just to get the program to work.  Fortunately, I didn't have to uninstall all CC programs on my work computer just to get InDesign to work.  But this - and the fact that files made in CC cannot open in previous Adobe Creative Suites - seriously makes me want to revert back to Adobe CS6.  I like the Cloud, but realistically, Adobe kinda screwed us over with it.  The Cloud keeps us dependent, having to use it and it only, and having to keep paying that monthly subscription.  Having access to all programs is a plus, but I can get that with the Master Collection.


              I'm using the 32-bit version of CC.  If I were you, I'd contact Adobe Help.  They can wipe your download history and reinstall your programs.  I can't guarantee if that will work, as I have not done so myself, but if that's your only option I'd try it.  Make sure to back up all your files first, just in case something were to happen though.  Hope that helps.

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                Leal Level 1

                More than likely I will have no choice but to resort to a clean install. I agree the CC is a nice addition to their software bundles but it has its set of bugs that are hopefully resolved as the age of the application evolves. Thanks for tip I will try to contact Adobe Help and see if they can find a solution to my issue. It is not a huge problem to use the 32bit version of InDesign but I just prefer using the 64bit version since it is available. It was working perfectly fine on Wednesday so I find it odd that after the update it started to crash.

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                  hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Hello Roberto,


                  please have a look at What's up with "Downloading, Installing, Setting Up"? where Preran, a very qualified and dedicated employeea of Adobe's staff answered there: "Rest assured, we have a process in place to create reports for the top issues reported on Adobe forums and take them to the product teams for a fix. You will be seeing  many improvements to the experience with the next version of the Creative Cloud. About why there isn't a more elegant way sometimes other than to use the CC cleaner tool, I will ask around and get back to you."



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                    Leal Level 1

                    Thanks for the link. I was going to mention earlier that there might be some improvements with the coming overhaul to the Creative Cloud next week Wednesday June 18 so I would wait to see what all changes occur. So if my problem is not resolved I will just wait for the CC Update next week. Also if you browse the Forum you will notice that there are quite a few people facing the same issues we are. Time for Adobe to get their fixing cap on.