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    Printer Driver Overriding InDesign Color Settings

    bearcatnat Level 1

      I'm having an issue with printing documents in black and white on an IKON CP650 color laser copier. We have a print server that had the software recently updated. I used to be able to change the color setting under Output in InDesign to print as Composite Gray, and the printer driver would pick up that change and print in grayscale. Now it will only send as color, and I have to either go into the print driver window and change the setting to grayscale, or change it on the print server before printing. This adds 6 extra clicks, and is really inconvenient if I just want to print a quick grayscale proof!



      Any idea if there is any way to change this?? I've tried adjusting the printer's default print settings, but I can only choose Color or Grayscale -- and I need to print both, according to the job. I've also tried making a copy of the printer by adding a new printer (thinking I could set one to color and the other to grayscale), but since this is a network printer, I've been unsuccessful in duplicating the printer.



      I'm using Windows XP on a work network. I realize this may not be the forum to find an answer, as it may be a Windows or a print driver problem, but I'm desperate for any insights. Thanks!