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    text boxes disappeared


      My large document had been fine for weeks then (at the very end) I opened it and random text boxes were gone on random pages. I saved as .idml file and re-opened in InDesign, and saved as with a different name. All was well but I want to share what happened.


      The layers palette still showed objects on my layer and acted as if selected when clicked the square next to layer name but they were not there if "select all" on page or "show frame edges." Just seemed to be recognized by layers palette and when selected in the layers palette a tiny box showed up in the middle of the spread. If I clicked the box, an icon would appear like it wanted to link or place my text but it wouldn't. I quickly figured out I needed to save as .idml and move on. Not sure if it is worth figuring out what became corrupt.


      I will be happy to answer any questions if anyone wants to figure it out but was mainly sharing with the topic name so someone can find if they need it.


      Snapshot shows layers palette with multiple objects seemingly selected and the corresponding selection (which is real small) in the middle of the spread.

      Then if box was clicked on a bounding box error message came up.

      layer-1.pngbounding box.png