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    Save Feature


      I created a form with several pages that also offers the save feature. When testing, if I go through the form and answer several questions and then go back a few pages and click on save, all the responses I indicated on the other pages disappear.


      For example: I have a form that is 10 pages. I completed responses on pages 1-3 and then jumped to page 6 and then went back to answer a few sections on page 4 and 5 and then hit save. When I clicked the link to retrieve my form, everything I entered on page 6 has disappeared. Does the save feature only work by the current page your on? Basically you can not work ahead? Is it possible to work ahead and hit save and it saves ALL fields that have been populated no matter what page you hit save on? If this is what' supposed to happen and we're having issues please let me know. If not, can this be an enhancement? We have several clients who complete forms and answer what they can at the time and once they figure out the other answers, they will go back to their saved form and complete what's missing. In doing that, all things are deleted unless you hit save on the very last page.