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    remoteObject + data processing + front end or backend

    ljonny18 Level 1

      I have a question (I hope this makes sense)

      At the moment I have an application that uses a remoteObject providing the application data.

      The remoteObject is currently connecting to a CFC and getting information within loads of functions within the CFC, so effectively the CFC (backend) is doing all the work (data formatting) and sending it to my Flex application (front end) in the correct format (the format that Flex is expecting).

      I want to try and do all the data formatting / processing at the front end within my Flex app – so for example just to have my remoteOject sending the Flex app loads of rows, and then having the Flex app itself dealing with the data and processing / arranging it accordingly (maybe using events????) etc etc….

      a). is this possible?
      b). if so, can some one advise my on the best way to go about doing this (best practice)