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    Doubt about 660GTX vs 770/780GTX + CPU Performance

    DV2FOX Level 1

      First of all, i'm new here and my english's not that good, so i'll try to explain it correctly:


      I'm actually the owner of:


      Motherboard: ASUS P8Z68-V PRO GEN3

      CPU: Intel i5-2500K (without OC)

      RAM: 8GB DDR3 1333mhz

      GPU: (GIGABYTE) Nvidia 660GTX Ti OC 2GB

      SSD: SAMSUNG EVO 860 250GB

      HDD: WD 1TB Blue

      PSU: CORSAIR AX860

      OS: Windows 7 64bits Home Premium


      As you see, i'm currently the owner of an Nvidia 660GTX Ti OC 2GB.


      I'm currently using Adobe Premiere Pro CC and i'm really happy with it, thanks to the "GPU Mercury Playback" thing (Yes,i know it warned me that the card might be not compatible but i proceeded), i've been able to make 1h long videos be exported/rendered in 35mins around in 720p 30FPS for Youtube. I've been using "another program" that worked really fine with my old 460GTX but,whenever i've placed my 660GTX blabla card in it, it'd not use it's GPU power  at all no matter wich options i poked in the settings...instead,no matter the option, it'd render with the CPU , lasting 2-3 hours for a simple 30/60min vid...But not with CC the prob's gone! (Though i've had to go within some tutorials...)


      To the topic!..I've been thinking about upgrading my GPU to a GIGABYTE Nvidia either 770GTX 4GB or 780GTX 3GB (Gaming purposes too but it's vids here) so... The thing is,if i upgrade my card to one of those 2, will i see a big noticeable difference of rendering times?..like, instead of waiting 35mins for a 1h video, it'd take much less (15?).


      Also, would it benefit the rendering speed and stuff if i upgrade my MB/CPU/RAM to a Z79 socket/Intel i7 4770/16GB RAM to compatibilize better with the newer GPU?.


      Thanks in advance


      (Yes,i've used the "Ask" thing but no results of what i've searched. Not even youtube has performance stuff with the cards above)

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          shooternz Level 6

          Upgrade CPU and RAM before thinking about GPU

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

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              DV2FOX Level 1

              Well sure,whenever the time comes for those (Intel's Skylake perhaps?)


              But is there a chance you could tell me an answer about my doubts with the GPU performance?.. (besides of the CPU/RAM..and MB?)

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                cc_merchant Level 4

                A waste of money and utterly useless to reduce exporting time. See Tweakers Page - Balanced Systems , Tweakers Page - What video card to use? and Tweakers Page - Exporting Style


                It is like getting this chain saw:


                Chain saw.png

                just to cut some roses in your front garden.

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                  JEShort01 Level 4

                  While renders to DVD are impacted significantly by how powerful your GPU capabilities are, renders to h.264 (best for YouTube per Ann Bens) are largely impacted by how powerful your CPU is. So most likely, changing to a more powerful GPU, or adding an additional GTX card (CC supports more that one card for hardware MPE), would probably not help you much at all.


                  While doing a render you can check to see if your CPU(s) are working hard (over 80% for all cores as measured with task manager). If so, that is a good indication that you are "CPU bound" (CPU is your weakest link) for this particular workflow (renders to h.264). If however your CPU is not working very hard, it could be that more RAM could help you some. 8GB is not that much these days, particularly for some of the higher pixel count media formats.






                  You English is OK. I would only say when you say "doubts" the proper English translation is "questions". Is you native tongue possibly Spanish or Portuguese?

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                    DV2FOX Level 1

                    Ouch,that hurted X_X;...Then i guess i'm fine with my actual Setup then...though i guess the upgrade would affect more in the gaming area of mine (aka GPU only upgrade)


                    ...And yes,i'm from Spain XD

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                      JEShort01 Level 4

                      Just noticed your CPU is a "x" model and should be easy and safe to overclock. And that would help significantly to increase your CPU power.


                      You do want a good CPU cooler to do this; many here like the Cooler Master 212 EVO if you want an excellent cooler for not too much cost.






                      Spain - muey bien! (spelling???) Your English is MUCH better than my Espanio'

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                        ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                        The primary component that effects the GPU acceleration performance is the CPU and then the ram. The 2500K is not ideal for encoding especially MP4/AVC media due to the processing complexity. You really want 8 to 12 threads for that media. 8GB of ram is also limiting encoding performance due to limiting caching models. GPU acceleration requires a significant amount of ram due to how it works. You really need atleast 16GB of ram currently with 32GB being ideal for most mpeg workflows.




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                          DV2FOX Level 1

                          In other words, in the future, i should upgrade to a better CPU (Intel's Skylake if it goes better than my 2500K,else 4770?) then 16/32GB then a 780/800 series GPU...Right?


                          Thanks for answering.I can wait for the big upgrade if that's what should be the best suggestion X_X;


                          PS: I've got a CORSAIR AX860 PSU if that helps...No,i don't want to OC my CPU due to the FEAR of BURNING MY PC.

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                            JFPhoton Level 3

                            .....wait for the new haswell e cpu....coming out this autumn. It will be a quantum leap beyond your current system. In the MEANTIME, to improve performance, you can :


                            1. overclock the CPU,as suggested


                            2. increase the system ram to 16 GB....the maximum allowed  by Windows "Home Premium"


                            3. Set up and tune your system properly. Be aware that unlike the Samsung PRO series SSDs, the EVO series DOES NOT USE THE SAME MARVELL CONTROLLER !! It has been reported here that the EVO SSD has POOR write speeds......which could affect your current performance. So, you would want to make sure your EVO is mainly READING, and not writing.


                            You would want to begin by having ONLY the operating system and programs installed on the SSD. The "Windows Pagefile" can be set at first to your "D" drive.....make it "static".or, fixed in size to 1.5 times your system memory, ( 24 GB, if you increase your RAM to 16GB ).


                            You can always put this back on "C", if you want to experiment to see which way has better performance. Next, properly "tune" your PC by eliminating needless processes and services at startup. A guide for this can be found at the PPBM7 website, as well as the "Tweakers Page", that has valuable info regarding good setups. You can also "experiment" by placing the Adobe "cache files", "media cache files", and "previews" on the SSD ...to see if things run faster.....even though the EVO is NOT as good as the PRO SSD.


                            MAKE SURE your WD Blue HDD is DEFRAGGED and NOT FILLED PAST 50%.......or, it will slow down !!


                            Also, make sure "indexing" and "compression" are turned OFF for your WD Blue,( under "properties" for "D" drive).


                            However, as said above, you cannot expect miracles,or, expect to make a SILK PURSE out of a PIG'S EAR !!!!.  To best edit highly compressed HD video....NATIVELY... you need as many CORES as you can afford in your CPU, running at the HIGHEST SPEED.....the CPU is "KING", and it is the most IMPORTANT part !


                            Adobe Creative Cloud NOW recognizes your video card automatically to enable the HARDWARE GPU "Mercury Acceleration". Previous versions of PPro ONLY recognized APPROVED cards and users had to apply a well known "hack" to enable all the other NVidia cards....this explains your PREVIOUS problem...BEFORE PPro CC !!


                            The new Haswell "E" CPU coming out in September will be a HUGE improvement over what you are working with now......up to 8 CORES, ( 16 threads), running overclocked to 4.5 GHz with DDR4 QUAD CHANNEL memory !!! All with a new chipset that provides 10 onboard SATA III ports and a full 40 lanes of PCI generation 3 !!

                            Save up for THAT !!!.....and put an NVidia 780ti in it....or BETTER by then !!!!

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                              DV2FOX Level 1

                              ....Holy ****,that's one big of a reply....


                              0.I'll see about that (Haswell "e") ,as the main Motherboard i'm looking forward to upgrade is an ASUS Motherboards - Z97-PRO - ASUS and that doesn't has DDR4.


                              1.Again i'm afraid i won't OC because,again,i don't wanna re-buy an entire MoBo due to frying up my CPU (even if i have a Thermaltake Frio OCK)


                              2.That in a future..i'm using 1333mhz,would higher Mhz be better or should i stick to the 1st thing i see?


                              3. 5.23TB Written and still in Green Light ^^;


                              4.I have games also on the SSD (Steam,others) along with Photoshop CS6 64bits (i don't like the bad performance of CC,different than CS6), Illustrator CS6 (again) and Premiere CC (YEAH..Unlike Vegas,wich doesn't supports my GPU even at it's Version 13 XD ¬¬...)


                              5.I'll do that soon,since i've disabled the windows' Defrag tool so it doesn't touches my SSD AT ALL...I've heard it can cause huge problems,that's why...


                              6.The WD Blue is for FRAPS Recordings and Pinnacle Studio 12's TV Recordings.


                              7.I knew about the hack before. No worries ;D.


                              8.Wait,are new DDR4 boards coming soon then?..