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    Indent here with left indent changes tab position

    emilycurious Level 1

      I have a sheet set up with a left indent and then a bunch of tabs.

      e.g.: Course #, Course description, then a set of eight tabs with dates

      The course descriptions are twice as long this year and so I was using indent-to-here (because there are rules below, and shift-return pushes the rule below under the second line only). But the tabs don't line up. They are "looking" at the left indent and making an adjustment - if I increase the left indent then the tabs associated with the indent-to-here line move left (the bigger the left indent the further left they are from the tab position)


      Why would anyone want that to be the default behavior?

      I can fix it with a second para style, but it breaks the association between the two lines of the description and now requires manual updating in the future, instead of a simple indent-to-here substitution.

      I'm just wondering why this happens, seems completely counter intuitive - tabs should always align!