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    Question about behavior I'm getting when viewing WebHelp on CQ5...

    doster0404 Level 1

      First off, this is a continuation from a thread that was previously started on the CHM message board: Re: Measure the number of times the chm was downloaded? that has now developed into a WebHelp issue.


      I've read that housing WebHelp on CQ5 is most likely not do-able, however, not impossible. I've successfully uploaded WebHelp onto CQ5 and the help opens up beautifully to the start page, HOWEVER, when clicking on every other topic, we get this on our pages:


      6-12-2014 1-27-08 PM.png


      All the files and folders are present in the DAM (Digital Assets Manager in CQ5). Is it the way CQ5 reads the help the reason we're getting this error? Can anyone think of a workaround/solution to this?