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    InDesign causing others to print blanks pages


      Okay so this is a weird issue and I'm getting no results.


      My issue is simple. After I print in ID anyone else I work with prints blank pages (We're printing through a network to a device). Also cyan prints incorrectly; however that is fixed if I open the print driver from the print dialog. Now the color thing is a problem through all the adobe software (Illy, Photoshop, Acrobat). No matter which program I use cyan prints wrong. But back to the main issue, strictly ID causes others to print blank. It isn't consistent either. A single document could consecutively cause the blanks then not cause them a little later. We've tried ever print driver possible and the problem persists. Another curious behavior with ID in conjunction with Acrobat is if Acrobat is open and I try to export to .pdf from ID then both programs freeze (however no message of either not responding comes up in the activity monitor) and the preferences are erased from ID


      I've spent 4 hrs on the phone with Adobe support and it's just some indian reading from a handbook asking over and over if I deleted my preferences. I've spent days with the printer manufacturer and worked with 7 of their tech specialists and even had them send out a new unit and  still the issues. I need to know if the rest of the world is seeing this. Or if this is even close to something someone has seen


      So from what I'm seeing is a problem with the PostScript writing that's freaking it out but I'm not software engineer so I can't say for sure.


      I'm running CC (though we still had the problems on CS6)

      OSX 1.7

      ID version 9.2.2

      printer  is a Konica Bizhub 554e (it's a laser copier)



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          MW Design Level 5

          Think about it. There's nothing in one installation of ID to affect another installation. So it is at the router if wireless, the print server itself, etc. It sounds like whichever it is, is not processing an end of file marker or otherwise truly clearing the print job. Now, from reports here, printing direct from ID can be an iffy proposition. I myself don't have issues to my networked Xerox printers. But once in a while there are reports here.


          If you create a PDF and print from it, can another station print a PDF? If so, there is something about how ID is sending data that the hub/print server is not processing from ID. If PDFs also don't print, call Konica and hammer on them more.

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            Frolnocx Level 1

            I actually have created a .pdf and had others print it (a file I create in ID and export to pdf). What ends up happening is if I try to print the pdf people after me get blanks. However if someone else prints it there is no issue. I may have left out an important point I'm the only mac that uses the printer, everyone else  uses pc (and I don't know if that's an issue). I only have a postscript driver available (which is good) but i don't know what everyone else is using. I want to say in all of this i heard they have a PCL driver.


            As far as the router, I'm hardwired into the network so there is no router. Konica and our IT have checked the network and ruled out that possibility (and I don't really know what that means)


            But you are reaffirming the fact it is the printer and they need to fix it. And the fact that a document printed with only cyan is printed with all four colors to give me some weird off color makes me think the disconnect is between Adobe and the printer. But still so weird about the blanks.


            Thanks for the input