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    Invalid signature - Extension Manager


      I downloaded (purchased) fonts from Fonts.com and installed them on my computer. I see them and can use them in my InDesign and Illustrator but when I package the project to send to printer, it fails on the fonts and does not included the newly added fonts. I have uninstalled and re-installed the fonts. Now I discovered (on Fonts.com) the Adobe Extension and have downloaded the Extension Manager and the Fonts.com Extension, which fails with and "invalid signature" message.  The Extension Manager is successful and recognizes my Adobe products, but will not load the extension for Fonts.com. 


      I am running CS6 InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator (not cloud versions) and have run the latest updates.



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          Carl Sun Level 4

          Please go to Creating and validating XML signatures | Adobe Developer Connection and install the validation tool to validate the signature of your extension. Unzip this extension to a empty folder with 7-zip, winzip or Mac built-in unzip, then click "Load signature" button in the tool, browse to META-INF/signatures.xml to load it, then click "Verify signature" button.

          Extension Manager CS6 uses the same method as this tool to validate extension signature. If this tool says the signature is invalid, then EM CS6 will also treat the signature as invalid.

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            RorohikoKris Level 2

            Hi Carl,


            I've experienced some odd behavior from Extension Manager One of our extensions, Tada QR has been properly signed and timestamped, and works fine. However, I was writing some instructions, and needed screencaps from Tada QR in various states of installedness so I was uninstalling and reinstalling a few times in a row, and found out that Extension Manager sometimes complains about invalid signature and refuses to install, say, 3 times out of 10. This is installing the same .zxp, sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.


            Something fishy is going on. Some additional info and suspicions: I am currently in a hotel with moderately OK internet, and I am suspecting Extension Manager might be checking the Time Stamping server. And I am wondering what happens if that time stamping server is slow in responding? Could something in that area be the issue? I have no other ideas what might cause such 'now I do, now I don't' behavior.





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              RorohikoKris Level 2

              Further: If I recall correctly, the currently available TadaQR on our web site might have been signed with a now-expired certificate (but it was signed before expiry). However, I just rebuilt a new, timestamped TadaQR .zxp with a fresh, non-expired certificate valid till 2019, and it exhibits the same behavior: now I do, now I don't.

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                RorohikoKris Level 2

                These are two consecutive runs of the same .zxp just a few seconds apart. The first one fails, the second time it works...


                Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 10.51.34 AM.png

                Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 10.51.54 AM.png

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                  Carl Sun Level 4

                  During signature validation, Extension Manager have to check timestamp and CRL online. So if there are intermittent Internet connection problems, you may encounter the issues above. If you click "Tools"->"Preferences" menu item in Extension Manager, uncheck "Allow Extension Manager to access Internet" option, these steps will be skipped, so the installation will always work.

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                    I have the same problem. Carl I did what you suggested yet no result. I have been reading forum posts all day- feeling very discouraged at the moment. Is there a solution to this inconvenience.


                    Windows 8.1 64 bit

                    Adobe CC

                    Extention Web Zap V1.0


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                      Hi Carl,

                      I got the same issue when install the extension.

                      I used the below command to generate the selfsigned cert.

                      1. ZXPSignCmd -selfSignedCert <countrycode> <state> <org> <name> <psw> <output.p12>

                      2. ZXPSignCmd -sign myExtProject myExtension.zxp MyCert.p12 abc123


                      However when do the verification by the XMLSignatureValidation, it cannot pass.

                      Signature status: invalid

                          Digest status: invalid

                         Identity status: valid

                      Reference status: invalid


                      Can you suggest how I can sign my extension?



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                        I've solved this issue in case InDesign CS6 and CtrlLayers plugin by following procedure:


                        1) Dowload file "ctrllayers_cs6_1.2.5_win.zxp"

                        2) Unzip with 7Z to folder "Ctrl Publishing]

                        3) Copy folder [Ctrl Publishing] to: c:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CS6\Plug-Ins\

                        4) Run InDesign CS6


                        I avoided to use official Adobe Extension Manager and I think that procedure of other versions of InDesign will be very similar...