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    Flashpaper wont search

      im using pdf files to convert to flashpaper 2. all seems to work fine but when i try a seach of a word, it gives a "not found" message.

      any one have a clue?

      i tried it but adobe reader 7, nothing...now ive tried it with abore 8.0
      flashpaper 2.0
      please help !
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          I am having the same problem, but I think I have a better Idea of what is going on....only I have no idea how to fix it.

          For some reason when you convert from a pdf to flashpaper it seems like the fonts get messed up somehow. I thought that searching was not working, until I tried copying one of the words in the flashpaper2 document and pasting it in the search box. It worked, but the words in the search box were a bunch of weird symbols. For instance,if I copy the word "satisfied" in flashpaper and paste it in another program it comes up "¿¬·º·»¼" When I typer "¿¬·º·»¼" in the flashpaper search bar, it finds the word satisfied. I have all of the fonts that are used in the pdf installed on my machine.

          I REALLY NEED a solution to this problem. Is there something I am doing wrong, or is there a way I can save this PDF with certain options so that I can get the fonts into the flashpaper PDF?

          I have Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium and also Studio 8.


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            SienaDigital Level 1
            Just an update in case anyone else is having this problem. I opened the document with acrobat reader 5.0 and printed to flashpaper2 and everything seemed to work fine.
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              we have the same problem with search in SWF. Is there no one who has an idea how to manage this?
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                It seems to jumble the same letters in the same way; every time I copy the word "of" out of my FlashPaper, it turns into the same 2 weird characters. So if you make your own search box that jumbles what the user is searching for in the same way that the FlashPaper printer did, it might work.

                Like if "cat" -> "*&_", make your search box turn "c" into "*", etc.
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                  Andrew_11 Level 1
                  After more research, it looks like in my FlashPaper (made from PDF files) the characters are shifted by a consistent amount.

                  Using the Unicode character set (you can see a reference in Windows XP by going to the Start Menu, then Programs->Accessories->System Tools->Character Map), in which each character is represented by a number, each character is shifted by this function:

                  f(x) = 288 - x

                  I made a custom search box which translates each character the user's looking for behind the scenes and uses the FlashPaper API to search for the new, shifted text:

                  http://www.adobe.com/support/documentation/en/flashpaper/2/flashpaper_api/flashpaper_api2. html

                  An amusing detail is that in trying to support case-insensitive searches, where if they type "cat" and it also finds "Cat", the following letters are treated as equivalent in searching: