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    Edge won't publish.

    GraphicsGeezer Level 1

      I've spent several hours in three separate conversations with technical support people in India who have scratched their heads and been unable to solve my problems. Edge Animate simply will not produce a useful .oam file or the web alternative.


      It was working fine until this morning. Suddenly, for no reason it stopped.


      Does anybody else have this problem? I can't believe I'm the only one.


      And now Adobe says they are disconnecting telephone support and switching to online chats, but this is going to cost money.


      Well I have two words for Adobe and there's no reason to repeat them here.

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          Sudeshnasarkar27 Adobe Employee

          Hi ,


          Can you share the composition where the issue is happening and also elaborate on the steps that you followed? We will try to investigate the problem.


          Thanks and Regards,

          Sudeshna Sarkar

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            GraphicsGeezer Level 1

            Thanks for your reply. I finally uninstalled the program and re-installed form Creative Cloud. Now it works but not on IE 8 or 9. I've followed all the steps to make sure there are i-frames created as per your dialog boxes and added poster images, and down-level stages. I can't figure out why it doesn't work and I'm getting desperate. I have a major website just being finished but I can't get paid unless Adobe's programs actually work. I created a very simple Edge Animate file and it still doesn't work in IE. I've talked to tech support in India three times about this and have emailed files to them and still no answer. You can see my test file here: http://www.wordpix.ca/EDGE/  If you have anything to add I'd appreciate it.  If you like I'll send you the files.


            Adobe's tech support on this issue is deplorable. There is no explanation beyond some simplistic videos and tutorials but nowhere is there any detailed explanation.