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    AutoTrim & Include Subfolders From A Folder & Preserve Subfolder Structure & Auto Shut Down Computer - ALL In Batch Processing Mode And Match Volume Mode ?


      Hi! I salute you all!

      First of all I want to excuse my english (it's not my native language)!


      In 2014 we are dealing with thousands of files (video, audio, etc.), because of the present powerful technology, still... we are missing very important and useful parts for doing our jobs properly and very quickly!

      In this case is Adobe Audition too, in my oppinion!

      Adobe Audition is a great program, which help us to edit in many ways our audio files, but... unfortunatelly has major missing parts, which would be nice to be implemented as soon as possible!

      Some of them are are right below this line:


      1. AutoTrim (for removing silences from audio files, before and after)

      2. Include Subfolders From A Folder (when adding a folder for working with, we should have the possibillity to add its subfolders too)

      3. Preserve Subfolder Structure (when exporting a folder with its all subfolders, we should have the possibillity to export the exact structure like the original)

      4. Auto Shut Down Computer (when all the tasks/jobs are done, we should be able to auto close the program and auto shut down our desktop/laptop as well)


      When you will add these features which are so wanted, to have them all in Batch Processing mode and Match Volume mode as well, please?!


      Many other audio softwares have all of these "old" possibillities, like "GoldWave" for instance (I am not advertising it at all), but the Adobe Audition which is more complex...doesn't so far!

      I thank you all and I really wait for these very next future feature requests!

      Have a nice day!


      P.S.: Is this message/question read by Adobe stuff members (persons who can take decissions in this way) too, or only by us, the comunity members?!