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    Give swipeleft/right gestures to multiple external compositions that are loaded with composition loader by Edge Commons




      I have multiple external compositions that I load in my Edge project, with the composition loader by Edge Commons.

      I would like to connect these external compositions with swipeleft / right gestures.


      When I give the containers (where the external compositions are loaded in) the swipe gestures, it

      works perfectly. But when the external compositions are loaded, the swipe gestures on the containers doesn't work anymore.


      So is it possible to give the external compositions the swipe gestures. And that when they are loaded in my Edge project, the external compositions can communicate with each other.


      For Example:

      External composition one is loaded and when I swipe to the left, external composition 2 will slide in from right to left.


      I think it must be that the external compositions have a function to control the timeline in the Edge Project.


      I hope that this is possible and can help me with the code. Or have another solution.