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    how to communicate flash with jsp

      I'm new in AS3 programming and wanted to know, if somebody knows how to
      communicate flash with jsp using actionscript 3 ???

      I have written a jsp-script.
      There is a variable in this script which I want to send to flash (AS3).
      So how can I give flash (AS3) the ability to get the value of this variable, defined in my jsp-script???

      I think, there must be a way to enable flash (AS3) to get the variable :) but I found no solution yet...

      My JSP-Script looks like this:
      <%! String text =" "; %>
      text ="SOME TEXT!!! ";
      out.println("&text = " + text);

      Now, I want my AS3-Script to read the variable 'text'... but i dont know how to do???
      It would be very helpful for me, if someone would give an example...