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    Info in my Doc windows (X, Y, W, H, Angle, etc.) not updating or changing if I click on something else. What's up?


      I'm thinking this may be a computer problem (not fast enough processor--PC) but my InDesign files build very slowly from page to page when I switch pages (every element from the new page is introduced slowly over the previous page until about 50-50 showing, then old page dissappears and the new page continues building. Big problem is that the info in the doc windows are either not populating (position, size, angle, font, size, leading, etc.) or doesn't change when I click from one element to the next. For example, say I change the rule size around a picture from 0.5 pt to 0.3 pt. When I click on the next element, knowing it is 0.5 and I want it 0.3, it already reads 0.3 and I know it hasn't changed. I can use the pull-out window on the side but to get it to register a change, I must switch to a different side window, then go back to the stroke window to have it read correctly. Any suggestions, confirmation of is it the program or the computer, etc. I've trashed preferences, restarted computer and tried .idml files and they aren't helping. Thanks.