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    PDF document brought into Indesign is missing fonts

    it@caotti.net Level 1

      I was given a PDF document to make changes to. I think it was originally created in Word, but they don't seem to have that document any more.

      I tried opening it with Acrobat and re-saving it in Word format, but that seemed to run character recognition on it and that resulted in some weird, unexpected changes to some parts of the text throughout the document.

      So I thought it might be safer and easier to bring the pages of the PDF into InDesign as graphics and just draw white boxes over the parts that need to change.

      But 8 preflight errors show up, claiming there are missing fonts (Arial and Times New Roman). The original document was probably created on a PC and my Creative Suite is on a Mac.

      So is it safe to ignore these errors? If not, is there a way to fix it without the original Word document?