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    Computer way too slow in Captivate 7

    Dart4444 Level 1

      2 months ago I installed Captivate 7 (I also have Captivate 5 on my computer for editing older projects). When working in Captivate 7, my computer nearly grinds to a halt. I don't have this problem in Captivate 5. Saving and previews take forever and the system frequently becomes non-responsive and occasionally crashes.  The IT people can't seem to do anything and are blaming the software rather than my system (which they say is otherwise working fine).  I have uninstalled and reinstalled Captivate 7 and it didn't make any difference. I noticed that the size of the program is 3.45GB whereas Captivate 5 was only 1.48 - not sure if that has something to do with it. My OS is Windows 7.  Has anyone had similar problems? It's got to the point where I feel paralyzed and spend collectively hours a day staring at my computer waiting for it to complete the simplest task.