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    Column spanning not working because text frame columns shift from 2 to 1 at several points in same file.  the fix?


      The problem:  I want to have a subchapter heading span two columns of text on a page.  At two different points in the file, subchapter headings span only 1 column of text.


      Details: The usual and desired text frame formatting is for two columns on a page.

      I have a cs6 ID file that at two locations, has a text frame change from 2 columns to 1.  Two columns of text are present on the page across the whole layout, so the file appears to be the formatting I intend, but there's a glitch.


      Where the subchapter headings span the two columns, the text frame options tell me I have 2 columns, just as it looks to have.  Where the subchapter headings will not span both columns, the text frame options tell me I have only 1 column. (but two columns are on each page. Apparently two single frames side by side rather than one frame divided into two columns.)

      The change from 2 columns in one frame to 1 frame + 1 frame  occurs across a page break.  I have two places where it occurs. One is near the front of the file, and then the layout shifts back to 1 text frame with 2 columns.  The final 5 pages are 1 frame + 1 frame side by side.


      If I try to set columns to two where the text frame formatting tells me there's 1, it divides the 3.5 inch column into two columns (which would then give me 4 columns on the same page, by dividing the desired 2 columns int four columns.


      I have tried copying text from the affected final 5 pages, deleting pages and pasting formatted, or even unformatted text.  No improvement.


      What do I need to do to tell the program that two text frames side by side should be 2 columns in one frame.

      One more detail:  I have a paragraph style that has the column spanning choice selected.  It should work if I style the text with the paragraph style.  It does where the text frame options sees 2 columns, but now if it sees one. 


      I have entered text at different times. I have loaded he curson and used shift--mouse click to make the text paste and keep adding pages as needed.  Instructions in a couple of books I have give slightly different key combinations to do this in Windows.  Could he text insertion method be the problem here?