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    Help me play an old director file?

      I have found an old Macintosh director 4.0 projector file on a floppy disk that I did 10 years ago when I was young freshman in college first playing with the magic of Director. I believe it is in a classic Mac OS HQX format. The file says “Filetype APPL creator PJ93” from I Googled it came up as a Director 4.0 projector. It is the first interactive piece I ever did. It’s a very short animation where a big mean car runs over a cow but you get to choose to say the cow or now. Anyone who helps me can watch it too!! =) I would love to watch it again. Better yet convert it to a more modern format that will work on a Windows XP computer.

      I do not have Mac OS 9 or the original director files just the projector.
      Can I convert or play it in on a Window XP? Mac OS X?