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    How do I slice an image for a web banner and upload it to my website?


      Hi there! I am trying to slice an image into a web banner to upload it as the headed to my website layout. I have previously done this before, but a few months ago my computer crashed and I lost everything. I have a new computer now (Macbook Pro running 10.9.3) and downloaded a free trial of CS6. I vaguely remember what I am doing but am apparently way out of practice.


      I have tried at least a dozen different times to slice the banner and add the links, but for one, it keeps showing up with gaps in the image when I try and preview it on my computer. I cannot figure out why. Secondly, when I try to save it for the web as HTML and images, it is not working. It keeps saying something about needing to replace targets, etc. I am honestly lost and when I had originally made my website two years ago I don't remember it being nearly this difficult. I have some moderate HTML/CSS web design skills but I'm not sure if I am having a brainfart or what.


      Secondly, I cannot get the files to upload properly to my web server. I use FatCow as my host if this makes any difference. I've been watching tutorials on Youtube and trying to refresh my memory but I am so lost.