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    InDesign ePub or Interactive PDF

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      I'm unsure which format to use to make an electronic yearbook.  If I use ePub will it have to be available in an app store?  If so, that isn't financially feasible because we create so many different versions of it.  If that is the case, do I use interactive PDF and if so can I still put video in it?  Not everyone getting it will have access to anything other than a computer.  Also, I need to be able to make it available for download and possibly put it on a disk.


      I appreciate any advice you can provide.





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          Sandee Cohen Adobe Community Professional

          Interactive PDF!!!


          It can be read on computers.


          It can have videos.


          It can be read on tablets.


          It can be downloaded from a web link, not like the App store.


          It can be made into a self-running display.


          It requires no special skills or extra licenses.


          And it can have video, music, interactive buttons, hyperlinks to sponsors, images that when clicked turn into videos. It is searchable for people's names. And if the users know how, it can even speak the content on a page.

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            Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Be aware that no all PDF readers on tablets can play video. For example, the free Adobe Reader for iOS or Android cannot. PDF Expert on an iPad can, but costs US $9.99.

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              Sandee Cohen Adobe Community Professional

              Yes, of course Steve's right. And viewing videos on tablets can be confusing. But I've managed to get great results by NOT opening them in a PDF reader, but just using Dropbox's link to the iOS system. Then they play fine.


              But I still say that if I were to do a judgement of which is easier to create, easier to produce for any device, and has more interactivity, PDF wins hands down.

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                If your PDF is distributed freely at no cost, go with interactive PDFs. Most people have Acrobat Reader already installed on their computer. PDFs look good and they work fine.


                It's difficult to integrate video in epubs and you don't have much control on the layout.


                As Steve Werner said, if people want to read the interactive PDFs on an iPad, they will need PDF Expert (9,99$). The app "ezPDF Reader" works well too on iPad (2,99$) and Android (4,54$). Be sure your videos are in H264 format and do some testing. On tablets, a lot of the PDF interactive features don't work on ANY app (buttons, for example). So basically, if you want to read your interactive PDF on a tablet, you will need ezPDF Reader or PDF Expert and you can only use videos, some minimum form interactivity and some hyperlinks and navigation. Forget any other interactivity.


                Also, if you put any kind of DRM on the file, it will furthermore scale down the interactive possibilities and the apps you can use to read the PDF. If you want to sell the PDFs, it can get complicated quickly because not all sellers accept PDFs (iTunes Store doesn't).


                So : if your PDF is distributed freely at no cost, go with interactive PDFs. They're ok.