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    Comps in another Comp


      I am fairly new to AE and I was curious what the best way was to go about doing work inside of your video if you want effects like vignettes, snow etc. Is it best to work within your composition to add these effects or is it OK to work say on a vignette comp outside of your final composition and just drag/import other comps' in? Does it make the file larger or link remotely to the other composition and it really doesn't import it etc? I am worried about working on these other effects outside of my main composition and it links to it remotely, and that link could break, or the file gets enormous etc...


      Thanks for any information. I know I need to do more tutorials but I wanted to ask quick how other people are working.

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can't link to other projects. You can import a project, but once it's imported, it has nothing to do with the original project.


          Adding comps together in the same comp and linking values between comps with expressions is an excellent way to work for some projects. However, sometimes it's best to work in the same comp for many things.


          If you're new to AE, I would highly recommend this resource for getting started with After Effects. It will get you a solid foundation in things like precomposing, workflows, managing assets, expressions, etc. and it will help avoid the frustration many new users have.

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            grogbro Level 1

            Awesome, thanks for the great reply. I was figuring I would just do everything in one comp but I was worried about it getting too large and confusing.