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    the real POTMO Level 1

      Id like to create a flash.net.Socket object in director/shockwave to create a binary socketconnection without any xtras.

      its possible to write something like
      gSock = newObject("XMLSocket", "", "")

      but not
      gSock = newObject("flash.net.XMLSocket", "", "")

      and not

      gSock = newObject("flash.net.Socket", "", "")

      Should'nt it??

      As i have understood it its only possible to use flash's top-level classes. XMLSocket is one of them so should'nt Socket be that as well?

      Its not the dotnotation cos this works just great
      t= newObject("System.security.loadPolicyFile", "XMLsocket://localhost:80")

      gSock = newObject("flash.net.Socket", "", "") should work.