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    Global change to text box auto-sizing problem?

    Textbook Perfect

      I'm working with a client-supplied layout template for a book and have run into a curious and annoying problem. When I auto flow text into a document, most of the text boxes extend beyond the frame, off the pages in the doc to the edge of the pasteboard.


      I've checked the Basic Text Frame Object Style and the Auto-Size feature is OFF. The only way I can correct each text box is to open the Box Options and turn off the Auto-Size feature, which appears to default to Height and Width instead of Off, no matter what I do. If I make sure a text box is set to Auto-Size OFF, then selectively click the overflow box to flow text to another page, it still ignores the Auto-Size Off and sets a huge text box that exceeds the frame and page dimensions to excess.


      Help! I can't shut this off... Thanks.